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Harnessing the Power of AI
Topic of the session: The Future is NOW! Harnessing the Power of AI The Microsoft Ireland Tech Team presents a new webinar that explores various Microsoft technologies, global success stories, answer your tech questions, and in generally explore how we can promote, and implement them within our markets. Each webinar will have a different focus, and we encourage you to attend them all. You’ll be able to learn about new technology, chat with Microsoft experts, get your questions answered, and see how Microsoft technology can work for your business.
How to get started with ChatGPT & OpenAI on Azure
You’ve probably already stumbled across ChatGPT and you might have even seen that Azure OpenAI Service was announced as generally available on January 16, 2023. In this session, a Cloud Solution Architect will talk about ChatGPT, the Azure OpenAI service and will answer your questions so that your partners can leverage this outstanding opportunity.
The 101 to modern development with Azure/GitHub
In this session, we explore the various tools and resources available in Azure that can help developers streamline their workflow and increase productivity. Specifically, we are focusing on Azure DevBox, GitHub Codespaces, and Azure Virtual Desktop.
Leveraging Data to Drive Business Value
The current data landscape is complex and constantly evolving, with a proliferation of data sources and a wide range of tools and technologies for collecting, storing, and analyzing data. In this landscape, it is increasingly important for organizations to be able to effectively manage and leverage their data assets in order to drive business value. Microsoft and its partners are at the forefront of helping organizations transform their data management and analytics capabilities. Through a range of products and services, including the Azure cloud platform, Power BI, Azure AI and Databricks, Microsoft and its partners provide organizations with the tools and infrastructure they need to effectively manage, analyze, and leverage their data. Overall, Microsoft and its partners are committed to helping organizations achieve their Digital AmBEtion and unlock the full potential.
Revolutionize your Apps with Microsoft Serverless Technology
Topic of the session: Revolutionize your Apps with Microsoft Serverless Technology Join us for an exciting technical session on Microsoft Serverless technologies for Application Modernization. Learn how to build, deploy, and operate serverless apps on an end-to-end platform with Azure Serverless solutions. Boost developer productivity, optimize resources, and accelerate the pace of innovation by minimizing the time and resources spent on infrastructure-related requirements. Increase developer velocity, boost team performance, and improve organizational impact with fully managed, end-to-end Azure serverless solutions.

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